USDGA Winter Cup


Date - Three day tournament will be Tuesday, Nov 9th to Nov 11th with practice round on Monday, Nov 8th. First tee time is 10:30 am.

What is breakdown of entry fee? - The breakdown is as follows:

         * Green fee for 3 days - $135

         * Cash Prize - $50

         * $40 for team winning Cup 

         * $5 for Chipping contest 

         * $5 for CTPs

         * Registration - $20


         =  Total fee - $205

Practice round is optional.

Breakdown of Cash Prize - The amount will depend on how many golfers registered. There will be 3 prizes.

Day 1 - 20% Day 2 - 20% Day 3 - 60%

Whichever team wins on day 1 will receive 20% prize and split among golfers. Same for day 2. Last day team who wins the Cup will receive 60% and split among golfers.

Why is the registration fee $20? - Since Pacific Coast Deaf Golf Club is hosting the tournament, the registration will support our fundraising for the 2022 FWGAD tournament at Soboba Springs. Your support will be appreciated.

What kind of format for the tournament?  First day of the tournament the format will be Team Shamble. Second day will be Best Ball. Last day will be Match Play.


Team Shamble - A team of two golfers tee off then picks the best spot to play. Second shot and beyond each golfer plays the best ball until the hole is completed.

Best Ball - Team of two golfers play best ball and whoever has the lowest score will be used to score.

Match Play - Single golfer plays single golfer from the opponent team and score is based on who wins most holes.

How will players be selected on the team? Captain from each team will select players in “draft” style prior to the Cup.

How many players will be on each team? Maximum number of golfers will be 16 golfers per team for the total of 32 golfers. The number must be even.

Will handicap be used to determine fair play? Yes, handicap will be used for competition. This will create fair and balance competition.

Which handicap do you use to provide us? The following method we will use to include is as follows:


            1. GHIN

            2. Member of local golf club

            3. Deaf Golf Association

            4. Local deaf golf club

One will be required to produce valid handicap in order to participate in the Cup.

What formula will be used to determine handicap for Team Shamble and Best Ball?

USGA recommends a formula and we will adopt this formula for the Cup.


    Golfer A - HC is 8 Golfer B - HC is 20

    Golfer A - 8 x 35% = 2.8 (round off to 3)     Golfer B - 20 x 15% = 3


    Combine both HC equals 6 and it will be HC 6 for the team. Match play

    individual HC will be used.

How will the winner of the Cup be determined?

1st Day - 1 point for each match 2nd Day - 1 point for each match 3rd Day - 2 points for each match

For example, based on 32 golfers, for the first 2 days 8 teams will play other 8 teams so the maximum points possible is 8 points. Last day there will be 16 matches and the maximum points possible is 32 points.

Total of three days will determine the winning of the Cup.

If the match results in a tie, it will be halved which is 1⁄2 point for the first two days and 1 point for the last day.

What is included in the Chipping Contest? There will be 3 parts of the chipping contest. Prizes will be split to 3 prizes.

       Chipping contest #1 - 80 yards from green
       Chipping contest #2 - 40 yards from green
       Chipping contest #3 - outside of green near fringe area

Putting contest - There will be a putting contest. We will determine which type of putting contest at that time of Cup.

CTP (Closest to The Pin) - There will be 4 CTPs during the tournament. First day (Team Shamble) hole #4 and #14 will be used for CTPs. Second day (Best Ball) hole #8 and #16 will be used for CTPs.

Weather - Normally the temperature in mid Nov is high 71 - 75 and low 43-49. Dress accordingly.