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2024 Winter Cup
2024 Winter Cup Flyer.jpg
USDGA Logo (crest).png
USDGA Logo (word).png

New USDGA Logo

We, the USDGA board, finally chose two different logos after one year of discussion.   Our old logo was designed when it first established some 25 years ago and it did not reflect today’s culture as it consists male golfer.   So we created two logos which are simple, relevant, memorable, timeless and versatile.   


Why two logos?  

One with two clubs is more traditional which will be on letterhead and certain items such as cap, bag, etc.  The one with golf ball can be embroidered easily on shirt without being “wrinkled”.  

 Logo designed by Lika Rau-Reece

To support the team and individuals would be appreciated by clicking this link "SPONSORS"

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