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Rules - Criteria

There are three categories for the selection to the United States Deaf Golf Association Hall of Fame. They are players, leaders and honorees.  The criteria should be as follows:


1)  Notable Record of Tournament Competitions

2)  Significant Record of Tournament Wins (World, National, Regional, State, and/or Local)

3)  Other Contributions

a)  Role model to others

b)  Sportsmanship and personal conduct

c)  Respect for the game of golf



  • With exception for Honorees as recognized for the deaf - wide golf community at least five years. That includes either PGA certification, and/or playing at the pro level on any degree.


More information on  Hall of Fame Criteria




To be eligible for induction into the USDGA Golf Hall of Fame, an individual (or someone else if the individual had been deceased) must fill out either (or both) Inductee form(s) if satisfying requirements of Hall of Fame Criteria. It is the person's responsibility who nominates and makes a list along with the points as shown in the guidelines - see section 4.



Click form(s) to apply (fill out and send them to the Hall of Fame committee):

                                               Hall of Fame Inductee Form

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